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Cable assemblies and integrated overall systems
Edgar-Peter Düning
Edgar-Peter Düning
Commercial Director HARTING Electric, HARTING Electronics and HARTING HCS

If the customer's requirement exceeds the current capabilities of the Configurator, the tailor-made solutions of HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS) come into play. This business unit of the HARTING Technology Group has set itself the task of aligning its broad range of services to customer- specific solutions – from standard cable solutions to custom engineering solutions that take the form of a complete system. Extensive application and product know-how are the pillars of a solution defined together with the customer.

Extensive application and product know-how are the pillars of a solution defined together with the customer.

Assembling a plug-cable solution is the simplest form of the HCS service. Likewise, certain types of modification of standard products fall into this specialist area. For more complex customer requirements and challenges, the application and product knowhow of HCS project engineers comes into force. Based on decades of manufacturing expertise, solutions are identified and implemented in line with high quality standards in dialogue with the customer. The focus is on the holistic customer application, for which a complete overall solution is developed based on the product range of HARTING Electric and HARTING Electronics. This division is also characterised by fast implementation and response time.

As an official Solution Partner of Siemens, HCS has manufactured various components, e.g. a Y-Daisy-Chaining-Box, on the basis of which further variants were able to be implemented. Individual adaptations of series components include, for example, specific variants of M12 or RJ45 cable sets for equipment used in metal, wood and plastics processing.

Coordination process with the customer

Collaborative work in the Cloud plays an important part in the coordination process with the customer. This makes proposals for application solutions accessible to both sides at the same time and enables them to be discussed directly with one another. A further future step the division will take is to launch a cable configurator. Similar to the possibilities offered by the Han® Configurator, HARTING connectivity solutions will then be digitally constructed from interfaces and cabling. The underlying selection, order and commissioning processes are correspondingly digitally mapped.

As part of the digital transformation, the world is growing closer together – which makes it all the more important to be able to meet individual customer preferences and requirements globally. The international HARTING setup, with production facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas, enables companies from all regions of the world to be supplied with the same high HCS quality standard.

HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS)
Tailor-made solutions by HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS)
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