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Partnerships with universities

Joint research with university partners creates the basis for innovative products
Gisela Eickhoff
Gisela Eickhoff
Executive Advisor to Dietmar Harting, HARTING Stiftung & Co. KG
Partnerships with universities
HARTING maintains numerous partnerships with universities

University partnerships enable HARTING to work closely with science and research entities. The results lead to innovative products, novel production concepts and new business models.

In conjunction with research partners, targeted funding can be used to set priorities that generate new insights and applications for both sides. Currently, HARTING is strongly focusing on the field of Integrated Industry, which together with digitisation and artificial intelligence raises many new research questions.

Consequently, in the regional environment, at the University of Osnabrück, five years ago the technology group established the HARTING Endowed Professorship for “Distributed Systems”, headed by Prof. Nils Aschenbruck. The joint effort has resulted in important developments for the intelligent connector which is identified via RFID (radio-frequency identification), while a smartphone or tablet can retrieve additional information.

In addition to bilateral financial support for higher education institutions, HARTING also participates in cooperative partnerships or projects which are conducted in conjunction with universities and other partners from the industrial sector. One example of this is the extraordinarily successful leading-edge cluster of it's OWL, where the technology group is engaged in two research projects involving flexible production. The high recognition value of the HAII4You module, which is a result of the joint research, speaks for itself. The flexibility of the system is ensured by the intelligent software structure. HARTING itself has docked many of its own in-house developments to FlexiMon.

The technology group likewise maintains partnerships with universities on an international level. China’s Robotation Academy Foshan numbers among these in the field of robotics, automation and Integrated Industry. There is also a collaborative effort with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

The Robotation Academy in Foshan
The Robotation Academy in Foshan, China
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