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Mission simple: Individualisation at the click of a button

With our new Han® Configurator fast and comfortable to your customised interface

HARTING now provides a completely new Han® configurator online. With it, customers customise the product they want, tailoring it to their own needs. In addition, the Han® Configurator focuses on the interface that the customer needs as part of a total solution. The clear advantage: the customer stays in command while the configurator makes suggestions for the details.

Compared with previous product configurators, the logic and the character of the solutions behind the Configurator are now completely different. Back then, it was the customer's task to first select individual components correctly and then create a complete solution out of them. Today, the task is to display a neatly defined overall interface which the customer adapts to his individual requirements. This exceeds the basic and, until now, customary approach, and goes beyond the term “configurator”. Likewise, the assistance system permanently learns from information, so that over time it knows with increasing exactness which interface customers prefer.

Digital modules for an individualised solution

What the customer wants is obvious: to quickly and easily obtain the interface that's right for him, instead of intensively dealing with the individual components in advance. The customer is only interested in finding the right solution in a system that shows him precisely that.

The HARTING Han® Configurator helps customers obtain individualised solutions within a digital, modular system with just a few clicks. The customer no longer has to worry about modularising the interface – the Han® Configurator does all the work here.

The straightforward entry into the selection of the modular system, for example, takes place via the so-called configuration wizard. Here, the user is presented with the quickest route to a configuration, and, after the customer has still provided only a few details, an ideal interface is suggested. At the same time, the system depicts a high-resolution, real-timecalculated three-dimensional model of the interface which can be viewed from all perspectives and angles. The system guides its users through the individual choices in user-friendly fashion while constantly ensuring that the combinations of the technical possibilities are compatible with one another. If users are very familiar with the product portfolio, they can optionally start the selection process without the configuration wizard.

Han® Configurator – 3D model of the current configuration
Han® Configurator – 3D model of the current configuration

Documentation and collaboration

Once the customer's selection has been finalised for a specific interface, he has the option of downloading it in file form or sharing it with others, e.g. for his own documentation. For example, following the digital compilation of his own solution, the designer can forward it to the buyer at his company for ordering. Similarly, he can use this feature to discuss his specified interface with others – for example, with his personal customer advisor, who can gauge whether the custom specification for him fits his application.

Try out the new Han® Configurator and find your individual solution!

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