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MICA and more Partnership

A cross-country business hub partnership with digital technology Poland
Lasse-Pekka Thiem
Lasse-Pekka Thiem
Systems Architect HARTING Electric

The digital world is already here – everything is, or is becoming, digital. The combination of automation and information technology will bring changes, particularly in the industrial sector. It is impossible to solve everything on one’s own in such environments. The number of partnerships whose goal is to develop a common concept on a uniform platform is growing steadily.

Signing of the contract at HANNOVER MESSE 2017
Business Hub Partnership - Signing of the contract at HANNOVER MESSE 2017

Through co-creation complex solutions are being developed, which work on the basis of a common concept. 

All on one platform: HARTING MICA.

Companies cooperate and create new ideas via their different perspectives and ways of thinking, along with complementary value propositions. Market experience from other markets or overlapping ones, coupled with flexibility and joint customer contact, permit the development of a complete solution package along the lines of “co-creation”. The resulting solution packages do not offer purely product solutions, but also services over the life cycle of a solution.

As the first external business hub partnership, the HARTING–DTPoland partnership offers a mix of sales, development and services.

The partnership of HARTING and DTPoland

As a young company, DTPoland concentrates on innovative solutions for the industrial sector. Talents from universities, coupled with experts with over 20 years of experience in the fields of hardware and software development, creates solutions like MICA Energy. This in turn serves as a platform for other products such as MICA Manufacturing Analytics, which was implemented in tandem with IBM. DTPoland uses its expertise in the field of digital media and TV in order to bring different perspectives into the equation.

The combined expertise and jointly harmonised processes means the companies can respond to new (market) requirements in an agile and dynamic manner in short iterations. Integration and operations are also factored in. As a result, partners can bring their own impetus to development efforts as well as continuous improvement of the entire portfolio spectrum since they can participate in new HARTING module developments as first users.

Statement from DTP

The extremely friendly and helpful, open attitude of HARTING’s employees from day one has made it enormously easier for us to familiarise ourselves with the new and open concepts of the MICA and integrate with HARTING systems. As a result, right from the outset information and ideas have been able to be exchanged between experts from a wide range of disciplines. This makes it possible to pursue a common goal with common added value. For us, this represents an open and transparent partnership of equals.


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