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End-to-end IT-based production

The transformation of connectivity
Dr. Karsten Walther
Dr. Karsten Walther
CEO Perinet GmbH
IT-basierte Produktion

The infiltration of IT-systems-based production is in full swing and is an important component in the implementation of Production Level 4. The applications in this area go beyond classic automation and are comprised of applications within the network, distributed from edge gateways to the Cloud. These applications require data from sensors and actuators. In terms of the IoT (Internet of Things), implementing end-to-end networking based on internet technologies is advantageous since it reduces effort and provides data security. Sensors and actuators simultaneously become networked, intelligent devices/computers that henceforth communicate via a medium (Ethernet) and no longer via signals.

HARTING is already showing what this type of end-to-end, IP-based networking can look like.

Dr. Karsten Walther, CEO Perinet GmbH
End-to-end IT-based production

HARTING is already showing what this type of end-to-end, IP-based networking can look like. The SmartFactory KL stand will show an intelligent production module that features, for example, a network-compatible, intelligent lockable connector as a module interface. HARTING also offers Single Pair Ethernet connectors and sockets as well as Single Pair Ethernet switches for the space-saving, inexpensive network-based connection of sensors and actuators. The corresponding sensor-side electronics are developed by HARTING "spin-off" Perinet, while the HARTING MICA® is the appropriate platform for pre-processing data in the field.

Dr. Karsten Walther, Managing Director of Perinet GmbH, who promotes thinking in terms of ecosystems as part of the transformation.

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