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What everyone wishes for: A reliable connection

Our all-rounder "Han® M23" is always at your service
Ronald Sawazki
Ronald Sawazki
Product Manager, HARTING Electric
The circular connector Han® M23

The Han® M23 circular connector series provides robust interfaces for the three industrial lifelines of Data, Signal and Power. Featuring reliable protection against the ingress of water, dust and other mechanical influences, this compact connector is suitable for numerous applications such as mechanical engineering, automation, drive and rail technology. In addition, there are many applications in which comprehensive shielding against electromagnetic interference is required.

A reliable connection

The Han® M23 Signal series is a reliable connection solution with its high-pole (6 to 19-pole) inserts, e.g. for measuring devices, rotary encoders and motors. The customer has numerous options when implementing connections as well, e.g. crimping, dipsoldering (PCB) and straight soldering connections. In addition, contact inserts are matched by a wide range of housings – straight, angled and rotating hoods as well as various bulkheadmounted and coupler housings – which are offered to optimally adapt the connectors to the respective environment. Integrated strain relief in the hood and coupler housings simplifies connection and avoids the use of additional components.

The expansion of the portfolio via the introduction of the Han® M23 Power/ Hybrid sub-series now gives customers the opportunity to combine the transmission of signals, power and data in a compact M23 connector. In line with the modular principle, the series' inserts and housings can be freely combined with each other. With contacts for a voltage range up to 630 V AC and a maximum current carrying capacity of 28 A, the Han® M23 can transmit significant power even in a tight assembly space. Despite the high contact density, the connectors can also be mounted and unmounted in confined areas without special tools.

The durable Han® ComLock quick-locking system ensures fast and safe insertion and removal. The bayonet lock can be opened and closed with a short rotation movement. The connector solution is simple and at the same time very secure. Despite this effortless locking technology, the system protects against vibration in accordance with requirements for railway applications (IEC 61373 compliance).

Highly protected against penetration by dirt and water

In addition, the electrical connections are highly protected against penetration by dirt and water. When closed, the housings achieve protection class IP 67/69K. Applications with frequent tool changes and/or machine module swapping particularly benefit from the Han® M23 since all connectors in the series tolerate at least 1000 mating cycles when a complete HARTING interface is used. A further feature enhances security: the housing features an optical marking that means just a quick glance reveals whether the connection in question is closed or open.

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