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M12 locked by a click

New: The M12 is also available as overmoulded system cable
Jonas Klein
Jonas Klein
Global Product Manager, HARTING Customised Solutions
M12 spart Zeit

HARTING's PushPull Locking system scores where space is limited. Classic example: Connector to switch. A simple snap-on of the connector and the interface is locked. The typical audible click is the trademark of the HARTING M12 series. In addition to the huge advantage of the time-saving, tool-less locking system, a new highlight has been added: the overmoulding of the connector guarantees a secure a connection between cable and the device side. This range expansion makes it suitable for various new applications.

Robust meets PushPull

The M12 System cabling wows customers with its tool-free and time-saving PushPull locking system. The audible click confirms users of the secure and correct connection. To date, the M12 System cables with their compact, space-saving PushPull System were only available with fieldattachable M12 Slim Design connectors available. With the new product, HARTING is responding to the need for manipulation proof design in combination with PushPull. Users benefit now for the overmoulded M12 System cables of the codes A, D and X and are able to profit from the intelligent PushPull locking technology.


"This is new: Users of overmoulded M12 System cables now also benefit from PushPull locking technology."

Jonas Klein, Global Product Manager, HARTING Customised Solutions


HARTING’s M12 system cables also meet the high-quality customer demands . All pre-assembled assemblies are tested and certified for the entire industrial environment. Users can rely on IP protection, plug-in reliability, robustness and EMC safety. For railway applications, vibration resistance also features as a basic requirement, which the PushPull locking system fully meets.  

Fit for the future:

  • M12 system cabling with time-saving PushPull locking system and robust overmoulding at the same time


For future decision-makers in industry:

  • Tested and certified: IP protection, plug-in safety, robustness and EMC safety
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