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PushPull V4 industrial connector with a convenient displayport mating face

In the age of ubiquitous touch displays, the transmission of video signals for screens and control elements of machines and industrial PCs is more important than ever.

Industrial Connectors

To ensure that these video signals do not need to be laboriously converted into Ethernet or other transmission protocols, HARTING now offers the PushPull V4 Industrial Connector with a convenient Displayport mating face as well.

The transmission of video signals is becoming more and more important – even on industrial devices, which are increasingly equipped with touch displays. In order to be able to leverage this transmission in harsh industrial environments as well, effective immediately HARTING is now offering the PushPull V4 Industrial, which debuted at the Hannover Messe industrial trade fair, with the company’s well-known Displayport interface.

As a result, control panels and displays can now be controlled directly via common video signals, all with IP67 protection. This eliminates an extra conversion to Ethernet protocols and transmission using the RJ45 or other data interfaces. In addition to data and power, the innovation means that video data can also be connected as signals without extra conversion effort, rounding off the modular PushPull family’s application spectrum. In addition to supplying power and Ethernet, users no longer require any additional connector types, but can connect all necessary lifelines with a uniform system – the PushPull. To date, users were forced to resort to Ethernet or special solutions at the interfaces. This provides significant relief for customers.

The Displayport version will be available as an IP67-protected version on both ends, as well as an IP67-IP20 protected version. For the customer, this innovation offers distinct simplification and protection. Video signals can be transmitted detour-free and optimally protected against external influences and thus provide modern man-machine interfaces with the performance they require.  

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